Continuo Theatre

Continuo Theatre is an international independent theatre group led by Pavel Štourač, its director and artistic coordinator. Since 1995 the company has been settled in a little village in South Bohemia called Malovice in a former farmstead called The Plum Yard. Continuo’s productions cannot be easily categorized into genres. Movement, live music, puppets, physical acting, acrobatics, dance, along with striking visual stylization – all of these create the unique poetics of each individual production. It is not very important for the creators of Continuo whether their work is defined as visual or physical theatre just as it is not important for the actors to know whether they are dancing or acting. The matters of style or aesthetic are not so important. The members of the group focuses their research on analyzing themes, experimenting, being surprised, learning together, developing skills and sharing the result of their work with the audience. Members of Continuo research an authentic, personal connection between visual artistic knowledge and physical acting, rhythm, voice, and musicality. Everyday work consists of actors’ trainings, workshops in which they get familiar with acting, dancing and voice techniques, in both, collective and individual way of learning and researching. 

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