Prague Street Theatre Festival Behind the Door

We want to be topical and show new things because street theatre and art in public space should have these qualities. There are twenty performances on the programme. I do not deliberately use the word theatre performances because synthesis of genres without any limits has been a creative phenomenon in recent years, which is the proof of free thinking of creators as well as audience. The issues of freedom of speech, freedom of man and fight for them are the most important topics of this year´s festival. We do not want to be apathetic, we do not want to give up fighting against injustice, stupidity, indolence and laziness. Therefore we have again prepared a parade of hope in order to point out the difficult situation of artists in Ukraine and other countries. The festival Behind the Door will present among others We Fulfil Our Dreams, the world premiere of Teatr Biuro Podroży, excellent Grotest Maru on the façade of a building, Teatro Só, awarded many prizes, artists and guests from eight European countries. A good festival needs not only good acting but also good audience and authentic atmosphere. We believe you will enjoy this different Wenceslas Square with us. Jakub Vedral, director of the International Street Theatre Festival Behind the Door